Read-only mode
This is just an example of the admin panel, and is in read-only mode. Feel free to check out what you'll be able to do with Minesite, but note that you won't be able to change any settings until you make your own site

Admin Panel



Change the categories and permissions for your forum
Create custom fillable forms for things like staff applications, ban appeals, and more


Edit your site's store
Visit your site's store


Edit badges and their permissions
Automatically grant badges when certain conditions are met (for example, give all players who link their Minecraft account a "verfied" badge)


Light Mode   Change
Change your site to light or dark mode
Theme Color: #6c63ff   Change
The theme color used throughout your site for buttons, links, and more (default is #6c63ff)
Background Color: (not set)   Change
The background color of your site. Set this to transparent to use the default color (recommended)
Background Image: (not set)   Change
A background image for your site. This will be displayed in the sidebar of your pages, and will repeat if it isn't large enough to fit the entire page
Logo: (not set)   Change
The favicon (browser logo) for your website!
Server Name: Minesite   Change
Your server's name, displayed in browser tabs and search results
Change the header that shows up on every page
Add an announcement banner to some or all pages
Upload custom fonts to use on your site


 Server not linked
Install the Minesite plugin on your server, then type /minesite link to link your server

Server IP:   Change
Server Port: 0   Change


Don't require users to link their Minecraft account   Change
For added security, you can require that users link their Minecraft account by running /minesite login while on your server
Require moderators to use Two-Factor Authentication   Change
For added security, we recommend that you keep this enabled
A list of moderation actions taken on your site


Google Analytics ID: (not set)   Change
Integrate your site with Google Analytics
A list of all users on your site
Visit your site's forums
Upgrade your plan to attract more players and get more out of Minesite!
View your site's variables (usually set by the Minesite plugin or a plugin that integrates with Minesite)
Add your Discord server and Webhooks
Send an announcement email to all users
Need help with Minesite? send us a message or join our Discord server
Site Language: English   Change
Select the language that your website is in. This will help with search engine optimization.


Change Subdomain
Change the url people use to access your site
Use a Custom Domain
Have your own domain name like Use it on your Minesite website here!